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*Student Complaint Form and Tougaloo College Community Concern Form

Please complete and submit the form electronically, the information will be forwarded to the President’s Cabinet. A member of the President’s Cabinet, or designee, will contact the individual within five (5) business days of receiving the information.

The member of the President’s Cabinet or designee may indicate the need for an interview with the individual or witnesses and may identify additional time needed for an investigation of the matter. A response to the concern/complaint by the College will be provided in writing by a member of the President’s Cabinet or designee.

If the concern/complaint is not satisfied with the College’s written response, the individual may compose a letter of appeal describing the initial concern/complaint and explaining the reason for his/her dissatisfaction with the College’s written response. This letter should be addressed to the Vice President of the area and must be submitted within ten (10) business days after receiving the College’s written response. The Vice President will act on the appeal and render a final decision in writing to concern/complainant.