Archives & Special Collections

The mission of the Tougaloo College Archives is to support the goals of Tougaloo College by identifying, collecting, organizing, preserving and making available records of the college and personal papers of individuals that have an enduring value for the institution. The Archives also serves a research and reference center for the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi. It is the intention of the Archives to facilitate the use of the total collections with a true commitment toward preserving memory for our posterity.

The Mississippi Civil Rights Collection

This collection contains personal papers, oral histories, photographs, and other memorabilia of persons who were active in the struggle for civil rights in Mississippi and the nation. The collection can be viewed at The Mississippi Digital Library. Examples of included information:

  • Medgar Evers
  • Fannie Lou Hamer
  • Ed King
  • Ernst Borinski
  • Desegregation and civil lawsuits records
  • Various civil rights articles
  • White Citizen Council literature
  • Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party files (MFDP)
  • State NAACP records
  • Oral history manuscripts and tapes

Civil Rights Movement Veterans Website

Hosted by Tougaloo College, "This website is created by Veterans of the Southern Freedom Movement (1951-1968). It is where we tell it like it was, the way we lived it, the way we saw it, the way we still see it."

"Note that our site is for documenting what we did and experienced in the Southern Freedom Movement, what it meant to us, what we learned from it, and how we view it today. We hope our site can contribute to rebuilding the beloved community that we once shared."

Visit this amazing resource:

Medgar Evers House

For nearly twenty five years, Tougaloo College operated the Medgar and Myrlie Evers Home as a house museum and offered tours by appointment.  Now, under the stewardship and care of the National Park Service (NPS), the home is currently closed for public tours while the NPS develops plans to preserve the home and provide long-term visitor services.  To contact NPS staff about the home, please call 601-345-7211.

Mississippi Department of Archives and History (MDAH)

In 2004 Tougaloo College and the Mississippi Department of Archives and History (MDAH) entered into a Collaborative Partnership whereby a selective portion of the Tougaloo College Civil Rights Collections will be housed at MDAH for the purpose of maintaining, preserving, conserving, and providing broader access for scholarly research and study. Tougaloo College Civil Rights Collections presently housed at MDAH are:

  • Civil Rights Cases (General)
  • Rims Barber
  • Gladys Noel Bates
  • Ernst Borinski
  • Virgia Brocks-Shedd
  • Robert Clark
  • Clarity Educational Records and Transcripts
  • Tom Dent
  • L.C. Dorsey
  • Lawrence Durgin
  • Freedom Song
  • Fannie Lou Hamer
  • Aaron Henry
  • Charles Horowitz
  • Lance Jeffers
  • Jesse Johnson
  • Richard Johnson
  • Edwin King
  • Henry Kirksey
  • Kudzu
  • Joyce Ladner
  • James Lowen
  • Mary Lowen
  • James McRee
  • MDFP
  • Jessie Morris
  • John Munro
  • Annie Rankin
  • Republic of New Africa
  • Carol Silver
  • Robert L.T. Smith
  • Tracy Sugarman
  • Julius Thompson
  • Tougaloo Nine
  • Jerry Ward
  • Hilda Wilson
  • Aurelia Young
  • Lawyers' Commission