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The Tougaloo Academic Success Centers (TASCs) provide tutorial opportunities for those who seek to fully engage in the academic environment of the classroom and beyond. So take advantage of this awesome support system today. You will be very proud of your accomplishments.

The Tougaloo Academic Success Centers!



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Make a Referral | The professor can refer a student for early interventions for particular course content.

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The Tougaloo Academic Success Centers was organized in the fall of 2016 to support the academic mission and vision of Tougaloo College and the First-Year cohorts. According to the Strategic Initiative 1: Academic Excellence, Key Strategy 1.7 Enrich the quality of student life and professional preparation through innovative curricular programs and experiences. This identifies with the inquiry-based Socratic Method used to help Tutees. Peer Tutor are trained with the method to help Tutees identify “what is” or what do you already know? The Peer Tutor then moves the Tutee to “what ought to be known.”


Each TASC Center has its mission, vision and standards which advocates the Division and Department. Likewise, each will supports the mission and vision of Tougaloo College. Tutors become an ambassador of the learning standards and truisms for that Department/Division.

Tutors Assessment

To qualify for Peer Tutoring, an application should be completed and signed by an advisor or the professor of the course for which the student wishes to tutor.  Faculty can select a student to tutor for a specific course. They are asked to indicate two other areas of competency. All Peer Tutors must have the same criteria:

  • GPA of 3.4+
  • Excels in course or discipline
  • Willing to tutor four hours per week
  • Recognizes Peer Tutoring as a win-win situation
  • Understands and uses technology to support Q&A, if needed
  • Reminds Tutee to sign-in, and complete the Effectiveness Survey, and make another appointment
  • Tutor remembers to sign-out and complete the survey Feedback on the Tutee

Let’s Talk About TASCS:

The Tutorial Centers include the following: Mathematics (Contemporary Math, College Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus)  and Computer Science Center; Science Center (Biology, Chemistry, Physics); Economics Center (Micro/Macro, Statistics Sociology); Language Center (Spanish);  Writing Center ( ENG 100, Effective Writing, and Writing across the Curriculum).

Tutees complete a knowledge Information Assessment before meeting with a Peer Tutor. A total of 318 Tutees were tutored by 25 Peer Tutors during the Fall 2018, while 216 were tutored during the Spring 2019 semester. The tutorial center serviced 534 satisfied students during the 2018-2019 academic year.

The development of tutorial study groups lead by a tutor selected by the professor was conducted during the 2018-2019 academic year. The biology study group met twice per week or three times depending on the rigor of the study material. A statistics and economics study groups were also developed to ensure that students grasped and conceptualized rigorous materials.