Mathematics & Computer Science Department

Mission Statement

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Tougaloo College serves all students interested in Compute Science and its applications. These include to prepare students:

  • to attend graduate school in computer science,
  • to enter the workforce as computer professionals, and
  • to have a fundamental knowledge of computing and technology as part of their general education.

For each of these groups, the department promotes excellence in the teaching and learning of mathematics, and encourages inquiry, application, and an appreciation of the intrinsic beauty of mathematics.  To advance its mission, the Department of Mathematics and Computer science:

  • is a community that values mathematics and its applications;
  • provides a foundation for critical thinking by developing skills in logic and problem solving;
  • offers a broad selection of courses that can be tailored to diverse student needs

The Department offers the following degrees:  B.S. in Mathematics, B.S. in Computer Science, B.S. in Secondary Education with emphasis in Mathematics, and the B.S. in Secondary Education with emphasis in Mathematics and Computer Science.  The department also offers an emphasis in Computer Science and an emphasis in Mathematics in combination with other majors.

MAT371: INTRODUCTION TO MACHINE LEARNING. This course introduces students to the end-to-end process of investigating data through a machine learning lens. Students will learn how to extract and identify useful features that best represent data, study the most important machine learning algorithms, and learn how to evaluate the performance of machine learning algorithms. Prerequisite: MAT222. CREDIT: THREE SEMESTER HOURS. 

MAT452 DATA ANALYSIS AND VISUALIZATION. A project-oriented course that develops the students' ability to apply mathematics to analyze and solve practical scientific and engineering problems. Topics covered include: introduction to scientific computing, data preparation (for big data), methods and tools for data visualization, and commonly used data analysis methods. Prerequisite: MAT222. CREDIT: THREE SEMESTER HOURS.