In keeping with Tougaloo College’s institutional goals to redesign and restructure its programs, personnel and functions to become a more efficient and effective twenty-first century institution, the Office of Institutional Advancement (OIA) facilitates the understanding, participation, and support of Tougaloo College’s students, faculty, alumni, trustees, parents, friends, corporations, foundations, legislators and others who have an interest in the promoting and supporting the College. The division, through its departments, staff, and volunteers, represents the University with the highest standards of excellence in education and service to a variety of publics.

The Office of Institutional Advancement promotes leadership and involvement among individuals who support the mission and goals of Tougaloo College and are willing to volunteer to advance the university. The Office of Institutional Advancement concentrates its efforts on improving private resource development for the University thus enhancing the quality of the learning experiences.

Inherent in the mission of the Office of Institutional Advancement is a commitment by its personnel to be responsive to the various constituencies served by Tougaloo College. In particular, emphasis is placed on professional, courteous, and responsive behavior toward students, parents, alumni, trustees, friends, corporations, foundations and other organizations upon whom Tougaloo College depends for support.

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Contact Information

We are here to help you. Feel free to call, email, visit, or write the Office of Institutional Advancement.

Mailing Address:
Tougaloo College
Office of Institutional Advancement
500 West County Line Road
Tougaloo, MS 39174

Campus Location:
Advancement Village


Delores Bolden Stamps, Ph.D.
Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Advancement Village

  601-977-7871 office (601) 977- 4492

Linda J. Daniels, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Advancement Village


Doris Griffith Bridgeman
Director of Alumni Affairs
Advancement Village

Felicia W. Kent
Interim Senior Director of Development
Advancement Village

Leah R. H. Robinson
Director of External Relations
Advancement Village

Cynthia Azogini
Program Development Coordinator and Grant Writer
Advancement Village

Pamela Mitchell
Gift Entry Coordinator
Advancement Village