Student Engagement

Student Activiites at Tougaloo College
The Office of Student Engagement serves as the clearinghouse for all campus-related student activities and is the primary source of support for all student organizations. The office provides assistance in leadership skills, training and support for student organizations, and is responsible for organizing new groups, planning programs and events and intramural sports to enhance student life. The Office of Student Engagement thrive on five pillars, which are:

Political & Social Awareness

We feel it of the utmost importance that our students be knowledgeable about the political and social atmosphere in which they live and will soon work. Providing them with informative programs and interactive opportunities that highlight aspects such as the policy-making process, political identity, social welfare, reverse gentrification, and so much more.

Holistic Health

We aim to provide programs and services that cover  each of the 8 Dimensions of Health (Social, Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Occupational, Financial, Spiritual, Environmental) to ensure that our students are being nurtured and educated inside and outside the classroom.

Leadership Development

We understand that every student may not desire to occupy a leadership role, but we aim to develop the leader within each of our students.  Through our leadership series, retreats, mentor opportunities, and even our book club, we push our students to challenge themselves as we highlight and develop their skill sets as leaders of the next generation.

Gender-Based Empowerment

We aim to ensure that every student feels comfortable and confident in their own skin and around their schoolmates.  We want to provide educational opportunities on acceptance and inclusion, as well as establishing support groups for any gender or sexual orientation.

Tougaloo Renaissance

With the spirit and flare that encompassed the rebirth of Harlem, we aim to keep create and continue an environment of excellence that is uniquely Tougaloo.  From our art and culture to the way we speak and dress, we aim to keep the name Tougaloo College synonymous with black excellence.

The Office of Student Activities and Engagement is located in Warren Hall.

Recreational Activities

The Office of Student Activities and Engagement provides a competitive Intramural Sports Program for students. More than ten activities are offered, featuring team and individual/dual competition. The goal of Intramural Sports is to be as diverse as possible and offer each student the opportunity to participate, regardless of ability.

Teams represent the faculty, staff, students, and all phases of the Tougaloo College community. Sports include basketball, softball and flag football. Other recreational activities include, but not limited to, pool, table tennis, card games, dominoes, board games and video games. Participation is on a voluntary basis.

Student Leadership

Preparing students for leadership is one of the principles that embodies the mission of Tougaloo College. The Office of Student Services provide opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills by ascending to positions of leadership. This program provides training for the emerging leaders as well as the established leader. It focuses on a wide range of critical areas over a 9-month period beginning with a mandatory leadership retreat.

Students may qualify to become members of the Student Government Association, Tougaloo Ambassadors for Meritorious Scholars (T.A.M.S.) and Resident Assistants. Student leaders participate in an annual Leadership Retreat. Student leaders are either elected or selected through an application/interview process. Students who apply must be a full-time student, have at least a cumulative grade point average of 2.6-3.0 depending on position and/or organization, have health records on file, and have good citizenship. Student leaders are expected to have a pleasant personality and be willing to dedicate a sufficient amount of time to developing programs to engage the campus community throughout the academic year.

Clubs and Organizations

Greek Life

Student Government Association

Tougaloo King and Queen

Tougaloo College Cheer Squad

Contact Information

Earl Sanders Earl Sanders
Director of Student Engagement