Department of English

Mission Statement

The Department of English promotes knowledge about the nature of language and literature, providing for a broad understanding of human communication. Adhereing to the philosophy of “writing across the curriculum,” the department is committed to including writing activities in all of its literature and language courses.


Further, the Department of English is responsible for administering General Education courses in Composition, Literature, Foreign Lanauges, and Speech. As a service department for the College, it helps students master communication skills and provides activities that contribute to a comprehensive liberal arts education. As a unit offering courses leading to a major in the field, the Department of English educates its clientele for advanced study in English, Law, or related fields/careers.

Special Requirements

Any student, freshman or transfer, declaring a major in English, must have at least a 2.00 G.P.A.. Before taking most major courses the student should have completed the General Education English courses (ENG 101-102 or 103-104, and ENG 201 or 205). However, ENG 201 (or 205) may be taken at the same time as ENG 210, ENG 222, or ENG 250. Freshmen at the end of the first year and transfer students entering the College should report with transcript(s) to the chair of the English Department before registering for courses.

A student declaring an English major has three options in the selection of courses: Option A is for the student interested in English for graduate school or as a preprofessional field. Option B is for the student who wishes to be certified to teach at the secondary level. Option C offers an emphasis in creative writing and is for the student who wishes to pursue the craft of writing in the various genres: fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and playwriting.

In addition to the required courses for the options, all English majors must 1) take two years of one modern language; 2) pass the department’s Senior Comprehensive Examination; and 3) complete a senior paper to qualify for graduation.

The English major consists of 54 to 69 semester hours of courses beyond the General Education composition and literature requirements. The number of hours is determined by the option the student chooses within the major. All of the required courses and the English electives must be completed with a grade of “C” or above.

The prerequisites for each course are specified in the course descriptions.

In special circumstances, and with the approval of the department chair, the course instructor may grant permission for an English major to take a needed course even if a prerequisite has not yet been met. Non-majors who have completed the General Education English requirements and who are interested in an English course may, with the instructor’s permission, enroll without having completed the prerequisites.

The required courses for the three options are listed in Major Requirements. In addition to the required courses, English majors pursuing Option A or Option B must complete 15 hours of electives. Those completing Option C, English with an emphasis in Creative Writing, do not have to take those 15 hours of electives.

English electives include any English courses not part of the required courses for that student’s major, and SPE 201, 202, and 203. SPE 202 is not to be taken more than twice without the approval of the English department chair.