Department of Psychology

Department of Psychology

Mission Statement

The overarching purpose of the Department of Psychology at Tougaloo College is to provide opportunities for intellectual and professional development for students enrolled in its instructional program. The Department of Psychology follows a liberal arts curriculum which prepares students for lifelong learning, critical thinking, and action.  The objectives of the department are that students shall develop an understanding of the field of psychology and its scientific nature; and that they shall acquire the capacity to critically evaluate new developments in the field. The educational program aims at providing the students with the basic knowledge in psychology that will provide them with skills and competencies required to pursue careers or advanced study in psychology and other professional areas.

The major areas of psychology are: Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Community Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology, Engineering Psychology, Experimental/General Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Health Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Neuro-Psychology, Quantitative and Measurement Psychology, Rehabilitation Psychology, School Psychology, Social Psychology, and Sports Psychology. However, the prospect of obtaining a career position in any area of the above specialization in psychology is largely dependent on a student’s continuation into graduate studies. Students wishing to be employed in these careers are encouraged to enroll in graduate schools after obtaining their bachelor’s degree. The department recognizes that graduate programs are highly competitive and scientifically oriented. Hence, it provides a strong research background to help gain admission, and successfully complete a graduate program in psychology.

Department Contact

Carmen Lewis, Ph.D.
Department Chair
Assistant Professor of Psychology