The Department of Economics assists students in understanding the role that economics plays in modern societies and its impact on their lives and informs them of the vast opportunities that are open to them in the business world. The department lays a firm foundation for further study in Economics, Accounting, Business Administration and Management Science. The programs are formulated to serve several types of students: non majors wishing to add an Economics, Accounting, Business or Management orientation to their fields of study, or majors pursuing graduate work in fields such as economics, business accounting, urban planning, statistics, law and operational research. In addition, the Department serves non-traditional students by offering courses leading to the Associate of Arts degree in Hotel and Hospitality Management.



Further, the Department is responsible for administering General Education courses in Composition, Literature, Modern Languages, and Speech. As a service department for the College, it helps students master communications skills and provides activities that contribute to a comprehensive liberal arts education. As a unit offering courses leading to a major in the field, the English Department educates its clientele for advanced study in English, Law, or related fields/careers.

Department Contact

Altef Al-Dabbour, Ph.D.
Department Chair
Associate Professor of Economics