QEP/Faculty Development Center

QEP Theme:  Transforming Students in Preparation for Tomorrow’s Professions,
AY 2019 – 2020 Theme: Complete the Agenda

The mission of the QEP/Faculty Development Center is twofold: (1) to support and guide the implementation of the institution’s outlined quality enhancement plan, and (2) to support Tougaloo College by providing ongoing workshops, seminars, and other opportunities for professional, instructional, leadership, and organization development for faculty.  The Center aims to advance excellent teaching, research, and service throughout the larger institution by providing faculty and staff development opportunities which support curricular and co-curricular activities that reinforce the student skills pertaining to the outlined QEP. The Center places an emphasis on pedagogical approaches that engage students in the learning environment; all of which are critical to meeting the needs of students and keeping Tougaloo College competitive. The QEP/Faculty Development Center achieves these through engagement with students, faculty, and staff in various ways that reinforce lifelong-learning. 

QEP/Faculty Development Center Objectives

The current QEP theme is Transforming Students in Preparation for Tomorrow’s Professions, and though curricular and co-curricular programing, we expect that students will be able to engage in career exploration that provides them the opportunity to develop professional competencies in communication, teamwork and leadership. The following objectives will support this theme and impact students, faculty, and staff in the process.

  1. Promote a learning environment that facilities students' development of communication, teamwork, and leadership skills
  2. Actively promote and recruit faculty to attend developmental workshops aimed at professional, instructional, leadership, and organizational development
  3. Improve student learning and faculty growth through the development and implement of faculty professional, instructional, leadership, and organizational developmental workshops
  4. Engage in ongoing needs assessment to identify improvements in faculty development trainings and workshops

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Tougaloo College
QEP-Faculty Development Center
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Campus Location:
L. Zenobia Coleman Library, 3rd Floor