Admission Requirements

Mission Statement

The Office of Recruitment and Admissions’ mission is to strategically attract, recruit, admit, and enroll prospective students through effective communication and technology. We aim to assist prospective students and their families effectively as they matriculate through enrollment processes.



Please request for your high school to have your transcript electronically sent to the College via one of the following services:

Clearing House


Credential Solutions

Or you can email your documents to

Transcripts sent to personal email addresses or an address not listed below will be considered unofficial.


First year college students seeking admission to the College must present evidence of graduation from an accredited high school with a “C” (2.00) or better average, and sixteen (16) units of secondary school work divided in the following manner:


Required Units

    English 4 units  
    History and Social Sciences 2 units  
    Mathematics 3 units  
    Science 3 units  
    Elective Units 7 units  

Elective Units

    Agriculture 1 unit  
    Biology 1 unit  
    Chemistry 1 unit  
    Civics 1/2 unit  
    Economics 1/2 unit  
    English 1 unit  
    Foreign Language 2 units  
    General Science 1 unit  
    Geography 1 unit  
    History 1 unit  
    Home Economics 2 units  
    Music 1 unit  
    Physical Education 1 unit  
    Physics 1 unit  
    Physiology 1/2 unit  
    Speech 1 unit  

Students must submit scores from the ACT or SAT examination. This score is considered along with other entrance requirements.

Students without a high school diploma must show evidence of having taken the General Education Development  (GED)  test  and  earned a  minimum standard score of 410 on all five sections or an average standard score of 450 or above on the five sections.

Provisional Admission

Students who do not meet the admission requirements of the college may appeal to the Admissions Committee. The students must submit an appeal letter and three letters of recommendation from school or college officials where they matriculated. The committee reviews all cases and considers each on its own merit and then advises the Dean of Enrollment Management. If admission is granted, the students may be admitted with provisional status. The provisional period is for one semester during which time the student’s academic progress is monitored by the Admissions Committee.

Re-Admit Students

Former Tougaloo College students may seek re-admissions to the college. Students who have been separated from the college for a semester (summer not included) must re-apply for admissions by completing a re-admission application.

Policy on Home Schooling
Applications for admission from students who were educated at home are generally treated like other applicants. Students should submit the following:

  1. Application for admission
  2. Application fee
  3. Letter Essay
  4. SAT or ACT score
  5. Letter of reference
  6. High school equivalent transcript issued by agency, school, or individual overseeing the curriculum, including the official date of graduation, or GED with signature and notarized
  7. Academic portfolio (notarized)
  8. Diploma or certificate of completion from Home Schoolers Association, if applicable
  9. Early Admission

Students in the eleventh (11th) grade may apply for early admission to Tougaloo College and may be admitted as accelerated students upon completion of the eleventh grade. In order to be considered for admission in this category, students must submit an official copy of the high school transcript showing a “B” (3.00) average or better in an accredited high school curriculum) and a score of 18 or better on the enhanced ACT assessment or a score of eight hundred (800) or better on the SAT.

Transfer Students

Individuals wishing to transfer from other accredited institutions may petition for admission to Tougaloo by providing the following:

  1. Official application
  2. Application Fee
  3. Official copies of all previous college transcripts
  4. "C" (2.00) or better grade point average
  5. Evidence of good academic standing at previous institution and statement of eligibility to return

Generally, academic credit will be awarded for transfer work where a grade of "C" or better was earned. The course work must be college level academic work. The College will accept up to 64 hours from a community or other two-year institution.

Individuals with advanced standing seeking a degree at Tougaloo must spend the final academic year in residence. During this period they must take at least 30 semester hours of credit and must achieve an average grade of "C" or higher.

Transfer Agreements

Tougaloo College has transfer agreements with the following community colleges:

Hinds Community College
Coahoma Community College
St. Louis Community College, Florissant, Missouri
The California Community College System
Admission preferences and maximum transferability of credits are ensured for students who apply from these colleges.

International Students

The College considers international students to be those individuals whose country of origin is outside the United States. International students shall meet all of the requirements as any other student who seeks admission to the College by submitting an application, proof of high school graduation, and an official record of any previous college work. At least four months in advance of the projected enrollment dates, international students must submit the following additional information.

  1. Evidence of proficiency in the use of the English Language in verbal and written forms.
  2. A score of five hundred (500) on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) administered by Educational Testing Service, Princeton, New Jersey, or proof of passing the test given by the English Language Institute (ELI).
  3. Complete and accurate information regarding sources of financial support to determine eligibility for Form I-20. This information is required by the College in order to meet the regulations of the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service. International students must be financially independent and able to meet their financial obligations. Financial aid is not available to foreign students.

Exchange Students

Students at Tougaloo College have the opportunity of engaging in external collaborative relationships which allow them to advance their academic skills and career goals. For a listing of these opportunities, see the section in the current catalogue entitled Academic Resources and Support Services.


Veterans are welcome and encouraged to apply. For services provided to our vets, please contact the Certifying Officer for Veterans in the Office of the Registrar at

International Baccalaureate Credit

Tougaloo College may grant college-level credit in selected disciplines to those high school students who have earned International Baccalaureate (IB) credit.

College credit will be considered based on the IB Higher and Standard level examination scores. A student must score at least a minimum of 4 on a Higher Level Examination to receive college credit. A student must score a minimum of 3 on a Standard Level Examination to receive college credit.

Standard level courses: French or Spanish, Mathematics, and either Visual Art, World Religions, or Psychology.
Higher level courses: English, Biology, History of America
Scores must be sent to the Office of the Registrar, Enrollment Management Center, Tougaloo College, Tougaloo, Mississippi 39174.

Advanced Placement Credit

The College may grant college-level credit in selected disciplines to students who have earned Advanced Placement Examination grades of 3 or higher provided the AP scores are sent to the Admissions Office, Tougaloo College, Tougaloo, MS 39174, prior to the date of matriculation.

The disciplines in which college-level credit may be granted are: Art, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, English, French, Government and Politics, History, Mathematics, Music, Physics, and Spanish.