The Social Sciences Division, comprised of the Departments of Economics, Political Science/History, Psychology, and Sociology/Social Work, is committed to academic programs designed to assist students in becoming more self-aware and cognizant of the local, national and international environments around them. The Division hopes to instill in students the vision and skills necessary to meet challenges and make their own contributions to assure that the world around them is a better place in which to live. Each department strives to serve the individual needs of students with diverse capabilities, backgrounds, and interests. The faculty works diligently to introduce students to effective communication, quantitative, analytical research and leadership skills to prepare them for graduate school and careers in their fields of study. The departments endeavor to offer academically rigorous and intellectually enriching programs of study.

The Division provides a curriculum balancing classroom learning and an awareness of the world beyond the classroom. Internship opportunities allow students to work in agencies and organizations within and outside the State of Mississippi to integrate classroom learning with community involvement.


The Social Sciences Division has four departments that offer Bachelor of Arts degrees: Economics, Political Science/History, Psychology, and Sociology/Social Work.

Other Areas of Study

Other areas of study that are housed in the Social Sciences Division are Gerontology and an African-American Studies emphasis. The Certificate in Gerontology program is housed in the Sociology Department. The African-American Studies is housed in the Political Science/History Department. A section on “Preparation for Law School” is listed under Political Science/History, since most of the law-related courses are taught in that department.

Contact Information

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Mailing Address:

Tougaloo College
Division of Social Sciences
500 West County Line Road
Tougaloo, MS 39174

Campus Location:

Galloway Hall: 2nd Floor


Meherun Laiju, Ph.D.
Dean of Social Sciences

Ida Guice
Administrative Assistant