Federal TRiO Programs

Under the auspices of the Office of Academic Affairs, the College sponsors the Federal TRiO Programs which provide academic support services to middle schools, high schools, adults and a segment of the college population.

Student Support Services

This program is designed to serve Tougaloo College students of all classification. It provides a strong under girding in academic, cultural, social and personal adjustment to college. Free tutorials are provided for program participants. The goals of Student Support Services are to increases graduation rates, retention rates and enrollment in graduate or professional education programs.

Upward Bound

Is a pre-college motivational program designed to generate in the participants skills and motivation necessary for success in education beyond high school. The program is conducted during the summer as well as during the academic year. Participants generally live on campus during the summer session and take part in a variety of academic, career, social and cultural activities. The program offers a bridge summer component for those Upward Bound participants who have graduated from secondary school and intend to enroll at a post secondary institution in the fall.

Educational Opportunity Center

Is a program designed to assist adults with information about educational and career opportunities in Hinds, Madison, Leake, Warren and Yazoo counties. The Center helps qualified adults who desire to enter or continue a program of post secondary education by providing information on admission requirements and available financial aid. In conjunction with schools, agencies, and organizations in the target area, this program develops, publicizes and implements strategies that are designed to increase the probability of dropouts being re-admitted to secondary post secondary school.

Upward Bound Math & Science

Is a pre-college enrichment program designed to generate skills and motivation in math and science for success in education beyond high schools. Students in the Math and Science program are introduced to the research process and its techniques. The program is conducted on (8) eight Saturdays during the academic component year and students live on campus during the six (6) week summer component.

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Valvia M. Wilson, Ph.D.
Director of the Federal TRiO Programs

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Federal TRiO Programs
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