Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

QEP Theme:  Transforming Students in Preparation for Tomorrow’s Professions,The theme of the Tougaloo College’s QEP, Transforming Students in Preparation for Tomorrow’s Professions, is influenced by our desire to equip students with the academic, social, and professional tools they will need for leadership and service in an ever-changing world. At the heart of this theme is “transformation,” engaging learners in a process that challenges their prevailing frames of reference to arrive at a new understanding that broadens their learning experience and encourages life-long learning. This theme aligns with the mission of Tougaloo College; preparing its students to be life-long learners who are committed to leadership and service in a global society through its diverse undergraduate and graduate programs. The goal and student learning outcomes (SLOs) are as follows:

QEP Implementation and Assessment Committee

  • Gary Anderson, Owens Health and Wellness Center
  • Alfredlene Armstrong, Success S.O.A.R.S.
  • Larry Barker, Office of Finance and Administration
  • Frederick Hunter, QEP/Faculty Development Center and Sociology Department
  • Whitney McDowell-Robinson, Office of Career Services/Career Pathways
  • Susan Springer, Library Services
  • Kerry Thomas, Office of Sponsored Programs and Research
  • Maria Thomas, Student
  • Chasitie Webster, Owens Health and Wellness Center
  • Demetria White, Office of Institutional Effectiveness

GOAL 1: Students will engage in career exploration through curricular and co-curricular learning experiences to develop professional competencies in communication, teamwork/interpersonal, and leadership.

  1. [QEP SLO 1]: Communication: Students will be able to articulate thoughts and express ideas effectively using oral, written, and non-verbal communication skills.
  2. [QEP SLO 2]: Teamwork/ Interpersonal: Students will be able to build and maintain collaborative relationships to work effectively with others in a team setting through shared responsibility, empathy, and respect.
  3. [QEP SLO 3]: Leadership: Students will be able to motivate, organize, and delegate work by leveraging the strengths of individuals.

QEP Week

The QEP week is a week-long celebration aimed at students, faculty, and staff with the intention of energizing and building awareness of the QEP theme, Transforming Students in Preparation of Tomorrow’s Professions. Moreover, the week is designed to engage students in the conversation that concern their career readiness skills development. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a number of workshops and activities that involve interactive engagement aimed at improving student learning and skills development.

QEP Ambassadors Program

The purpose of the QEP Ambassadors Program is to identify students who will be willing to serve as student representatives of the QEP. These individuals will work closely with the QEP Coordinator to develop programming specific to students that incorporates the QEP theme. These students will work to develop workshops, seminars, coordinate speakers, and assist in the development of programming that impacts students.