Meet the Staff

Melinda HoustonMelinda Houston
Residential Life Coordinator - Renner
Kelly ThomasKelly Thomas
Residential Life Coordinator – Berkshire A
Patrick MartinPatrick Martin
Residential Life Coordinator – Berkshire B
Brandi Harmon
Residential Life Coordinator - New Women
Jasmine Section
Residential Life Coordinator - New Women
Terrance Chatman
Residential Life Coordinator - Berkshire

Student Staff

Resident Assistants – The Resident Assistant is one of the most helpful and resourceful persons that you will interact with at Tougaloo College. These individuals are responsible for providing leadership, assistance, and support to you and the other members of your floor or area. R.A.s’ are selected because of their leadership potential, interpersonal ability, positive attitude, and sense of commitment. The R.A. is your primary resource for information and assistance with any type of concern. Their major responsibilities are: (1) getting to know each person in the unit, (2) familiarizing students with residence hall/suite and College rules and regulations, (3) assisting with the enforcement of these rules and regulations, (4) helping residents maintain an environment for learning, (5) acting as a liaison between resident students and the Residence Life Office, (6) facilitating student-to-student and student-to-staff interaction, (7) assisting in the development of educational programs, and (8) serving weekly desk duty hours and weekend duty rotations. Take advantage of your living situation and utilize your Resident Assistant.

Desk Assistants – Desk Assistants are students who are scheduled through the work-study program to monitor the front desk in each hall and serve in the main departmental office. They are responsible for checking guest into residence hall. They greet visitors, answer the telephone, file paperwork, run campus errands and perform various other duties as assigned.