Advising is required immediately when a student declares Education as a major and at least once during a semester term. Faculty advisors are assigned once the School of Education receives a major declaration form from the student. The School of Education will notify the student by email of their Education faculty advisor and contact information. During the first initial advising meeting, faculty advisors will discuss Tougaloo College’s Educator Preparation Program (EPP) and requirements for successful completion.

  • Program Overview
  • Mission and Vision
  • Course Failures and Incompletes
  • Course Schedule
  • Getting Started in the Educator Preparation Program (EPP) at Tougaloo College
  • Educational Professional Dispositions and Educator Code of Ethics.
  • Teacher Candidacy
  • Field Experience (120 hours)
  • Clinical Experience (480 hours; 60 days)
  • State and National Accountability Standards
  • College, State and National Testing Requirements for Graduation and Licensure (EWPE, Mississippi Common Assessment scores and certificate, Reading Foundations Assessment from the Mississippi Department of Education, Child Development Association Exam, and PRAXIS Core and )

The advising program sheets for programs of study are available in the main office of the School of Education located in Holmes Hall or you may click here.

Advising Appointment Form

  • Please take a few moments to fill out the Advising Appointment Form

Contact if you have any questions. Your faculty advisor or the main office will notify you of your appointment by email.