Tougaloo College – Mississippi College Law Accelerated Law Degree Program

Tougaloo College and Mississippi College School of Law have formed a unique partnership to enhance law school opportunities for talented and promising Tougaloo students while addressing the urgency of student debt.  Tougaloo and MC Law offer an accelerated law degree program (commonly referred to as a “3 + 3 program”) allowing Tougaloo students to complete a bachelor’s degree and law degree (Juris Doctor) in six years, rather than the usual seven.

Participating students will complete three years of undergraduate study at Tougaloo and three years of law school at Mississippi College.  More specifically, qualified students from any major who complete three-fourths (3/4) of the coursework required for a bachelor’s degree from Tougaloo, including all required disciplinary credits, all general education course requirements, all academic, financial, administrative and community service requirements for graduation, and a total of 94 credits, will be eligible for admission to Mississippi College School of Law at the end of the college junior year. After the student successfully completes the first year of the J.D. program at Mississippi College, Tougaloo will award the student the appropriate bachelor’s degree.  After the student completes the requirements for the J.D. degree, Mississippi College will award the student the J.D. degree. Qualified students seeking admission to Mississippi College pursuant to the accelerated law degree program must apply to Mississippi College using the normal law school application process provided by the Law School Admission Test.

For more information, contact the Pre-Law Director.