Incoming Students


Welcome to The Loo! We are very excited to have you with us! If you’re planning to live on campus, submit a housing application and $50 non-refundable fee as soon as possible. Once your housing fee is received, your application will be processed.


Freshman FAQs

Q: Where would I live?

A: All new first year male students will live in Berkshire A. All new first year female students will live in Renner Hall.

Q: How do I connect to Wifi?

A: Once you arrive on campus, please join our FreedomSummer or EagleNest network. If you would like to join our TNet2 network, please register your device in the Office of Information Technology.

Q: What if I want to make a room change?

A: Room changes must be approved by Hall Coordinator and coordinated through the main office. Students must submit a room change form during the room adjustment and consolidation period, which is typically during the last full week of the first month of each semester. After the room change period ends, room changes will be granted only if there are extenuating circumstances. An unauthorized move will result in a $50 penalty and the resident must move back to the proper room assignment.

Q: There is something wrong with my room. How do I submit a work order?

A: See your RA or Hall Coordinator. Our staff will report your issue to Facilities Management.

Q: Are private rooms available?

A: We do not offer private rooms to new students. Returning students can make a request during Spring room selection. Based on our availability, we will honor those requests made by returning students in the order we received them.

Q: What is a RA?

A: RA is short for Residence Assistant. RA is a trained peer leader who supervises those living in the residence hall. They provide leadership, assistance and support. If a resident has an issue, see your RA first. Hall Coordinators are full time, live-in staff employees that supervise RAs and the overall management of the residence hall.

Q: What is done to resolve roommate conflict?

A: We encourage you to give your roommate a chance. As needed the Hall Coordinator will work with students to identify issues and help resolve conflict.

Q: What happens if I lose my key?

A: The student has the responsibility for maintaining the security of his/her key always and at no time should the key be given to another person. In the event, there is a need to replace a key, a $75.00 key replacement fee will be charged to the student’s account. This fee will replace all keys and the core of the lock to that room.

Q: What are visitation hours?

A: Opposite sex visitation is a privilege for upper-class students only. Visitation is allowed Monday – Friday from 1pm11pm and Saturday and Sunday from 5pm-11pm.

Q: What is the mailing address for the residence halls?

A: Residents receiving special delivery, express, registered mail, etc., will be notified by a “package slip.” The student must pick up this special mail from the mail room. Identification will be needed for students who pick up their mail from the mail room. CASH SHOULD NOT BE SENT THROUGH THE MAIL. Mail received in the summer will be returned to sender if student is not on campus.  Students should have their address forwarded to a summer address at the end of the spring semester.

Proper Address for Student Mail:

Student’s First & Last Name
Residence Hall & Room Number
Tougaloo College
500 West County Line Road
Tougaloo, MS 39174

It is the student’s responsibility to review the Residential Life section of the Student Handbook for all policies and procedures.