The U.S. Secretary of Education recognizes accreditation by SACS Commission on Colleges in establishing the eligibility of higher education institutions to participate in programs authorized under Title IV of the Higher Education Act, as amended, and other federal programs. Through its periodic review of institutions of higher education, the Commission assures the public that it is a reliable authority on the quality of education provided by its member institutions.*

Student Achievement

The institution evaluates success with respect to student achievement consistent with its mission. Criteria may include: enrollment data, retention rates, graduation rates, course completion, and job placement rates; state licensing examinations; student portfolios; or other means of demonstrating achievement of goals.*

Enrollment Data Reports

2009-2011 Degrees Granted by Major

2012-2014 Degrees Granted by Major


Retention, Fall 2013-2014


Graduation Rate, Fall 2013-2014

Graduate/Professional School Admissions Trend Data 2009-2014

State Licensing Examinations

Teacher Licensure, Title II Reporting