Sesquicentennial Two Rivers Gala Tougaloo Honors 2019

Over the past six years, Tougaloo College has hosted its signature Two Rivers Gala | Tougaloo Honors. This premier fundraising event recognizes visionary and courageous individuals who through their life work have made transformational contributions to society.

This year, as the College prepares to commemorate its Sesquicentennial Anniversary, we will celebrate two enduring legacies: Tougaloo College’s transformational impact of academic excellence and social responsibility and the transformational leadership of President Beverly W. Hogan in advancing the College to a level of unparalleled strength and distinction.

In 2018, as the precursor to our Sesquicentennial Anniversary, we saluted Tougaloo College as the “Beacon of Light” shining a light on the people, legacies, traditions and milestones that have made it the institution it is today.

In 2017, we honored native Mississippians whose public service, professional achievements and relentless call to action changed the course of history in the state and nation.

In 2016, we recognized Mississippi icons who reached the pinnacles of success in their chosen careers excelling in the areas of education, social activism, entrepreneurship, creative genius, journalism and sports.

In 2015, we applauded the contributions of prominent women whose lives epitomize the very definition of “intrepid”—resolutely courageous, fearless and bold—who have made indelible marks in their professions and society.

In 2014, we celebrated ordinary people who made extraordinary contributions to promote the principles of social justice, equality, leadership and service throughout our state and nation.

In 2013, the inaugural gala paid homage to civil rights icons and served as a precursor to the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement.

A storied and proud history of 150 years and a distinguished leadership legacy of 17 years deserve a fitting celebration.