Tougaloo College Offers Pathways to Opportunities

Tougaloo, Miss –The U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) is the premier research and development center for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in Vicksburg, MS. Their main purpose is to discover, develop, and deliver innovative solutions to the nation's toughest challenges in military engineering, installations, and operational environments. They focus on civil works, geospatial research and engineering, as well as engineered resilient systems.

The ERDC team visited the college to speak with students, faculty, and staff about the opportunties for careers and research with their organization. The ERDC staffers outlined the groups’ purpose, historical timeline, and current operating practices within the state of Mississippi.

This event is a session of the research and development series that is being presented by the Office of Career Readiness and Innovative Leadership to students, faculty, and staff. Its efforts are to advance learning, teaching, and research pathways.

Office of Career Readiness and Innovative Leadership Director, Dr. Melissa McCoy stated that “Students are being provided opportunities to obtain knowledge about the group (ERDC) for career readiness and possible internships while faculty and staff receive a direct connection to research and data experts.”

Not only are the students, faculity, and staff benefiting but it also provided a platform for ERDC to recruit students directly from our School of Natural Sciences in a variety of areas.

Preparing the scholars of Touglaoo College to deliver vital support to the community and the world are imperative to the ecomony and workforce.