Secretary Pete Buttigieg and Congressman Bennie G. Thompson Highlight $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan During Historic Visit to Tougaloo College

Pete Buttigieg and Bennie G. Thompson at Tougaloo


Tougaloo, MS — On Friday, June 21st, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg made his inaugural visit to Mississippi, accompanied by U.S. Representative Bennie G. Thompson, an esteemed alumnus of Tougaloo College. Their visit to the historic institution underscored a significant commitment to discussing the transformative potential of the Biden administration's $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan for local communities.

Focus on Community and Infrastructure Development

The tour, which included stops at the Medgar Evers Home and various locations in the Mississippi Delta, centered on the administration's ambitious infrastructure initiative. This unprecedented $1.2 trillion package aims to modernize the nation's infrastructure, addressing long-standing needs and fostering economic growth.

"Tougaloo College is not just a place of learning but a cradle of progress and change," said Secretary Buttigieg. "It's fitting to start our dialogue here, where history and future potential meet. We’re here to understand local needs and see how we can help turn this landmark legislation into tangible benefits for Mississippians."

Economic Revitalization Through Strategic Development

Secretary Buttigieg and Congressman Thompson were joined by Mississippi Commissioner of Transportation Willie Simmons to discuss a visionary project aimed at transforming the Jackson metro area. The plan proposes to integrate Jackson, Ridgeland, and Madison through extensive development around County Line Road, a move seen as a catalyst for regional economic revitalization.

"Tougaloo College stands at the heart of this new frontier of economic development," Congressman Thompson remarked. "This project has the potential to not only boost the college's prospects but also establish it as a central hub for economic activity in the Metro Jackson area."

The proposed development seeks to utilize Tougaloo’s substantial land assets to drive economic growth, with an emphasis on creating jobs and enhancing infrastructure to benefit the wider community. The project is envisioned to transform the area into a bustling economic center, benefiting from increased connectivity and commercial opportunities.

Tougaloo College Event

Unified Support from Local Leaders

The event attracted a diverse array of local leaders, including mayors from Clinton, Byram, Pearl, Brandon, Ridgeland, and other municipalities across Mississippi. These leaders expressed unanimous support for the infrastructure plan and the proposed development around Tougaloo College. They highlighted the project's potential to generate significant economic benefits and improve quality of life across the region.

"Collaborating on this infrastructure initiative will enable us to create a more connected, economically vibrant community," noted Clinton Mayor Phil Fisher. "The development around Tougaloo College will serve as a cornerstone for regional growth and prosperity."

Local officials also took the opportunity to present specific community needs and requests to Secretary Buttigieg, emphasizing the importance of responsive and inclusive infrastructure planning to meet the unique challenges of their communities.

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg at Tougaloo

A Vision for the Future

As the discussions at Tougaloo College came to a close, Secretary Buttigieg reiterated his commitment to working closely with local communities to ensure that the benefits of the $1.2 trillion infrastructure package are maximized. He commended Tougaloo for its pivotal role in leading these critical conversations and emphasized the administration's dedication to supporting community-driven solutions.

"This is a historic moment for Mississippi," Secretary Buttigieg concluded. "With Tougaloo College at the helm, we are paving the way for an era of unprecedented growth and development. Together, we can leverage this landmark infrastructure investment to build a brighter, more prosperous future for all."

The visit marked a significant step in the ongoing efforts to promote economic development and improve infrastructure in Mississippi, positioning Tougaloo College as a key player in the state's future growth trajectory.