Carrie Ellen Rice Dormitory: A New Chapter in Tougaloo College’s History


Naming Ceremony

Tougaloo, MS – In a heartfelt tribute, Tougaloo College has renamed its New Women’s Dormitory to the Carrie Ellen Rice Dormitory, commemorating the grandmother of alumna Carrie Lapsky Davis. The ceremony, held on Saturday, May 4, 2024, at 10:30 a.m., marked a significant moment for the institution, celebrating a legacy deeply rooted in dedication to education.

The renaming ceremony honored Carrie Ellen Rice's enduring legacy and significant impact on the Tougaloo community. The newly named dormitory, which accommodates over 200 female students, now stands as a testament to Rice's commitment to education and the empowerment of young women.

Carrie Lapsky Davis, a 1964 graduate of Tougaloo, made a historic $1 million donation in honor of her grandmother during the 36th Annual Business Luncheon. This substantial gift is a reflection of Davis’ gratitude and her commitment to supporting future generations at Tougaloo.

Rice’s influence on Davis was profound. She funded Davis’ education at Tougaloo with her life savings of $700, a sacrifice that Davis cherishes. Reflecting on her grandmother's love and dedication, Davis remarked, "She taught me life was more than just about me. She was willing to sacrifice everything that she had for my education. It was truly a rare kind of love."

The renaming of the dormitory not only honors Carrie Ellen Rice’s legacy but also underscores the spirit of giving and support that Davis exemplified with her generous donation. Tougaloo College, proud of this tribute, continues to honor Rice’s memory and express deep gratitude to Carrie Lapsky Davis for her enduring support.