Employee of the Month Program

The Employee of the Month program was developed to encourage recognition of Tougaloo College Staff who show exemplary individual achievement, contribution, and performance in their jobs. These individuals consistently exhibit a positive and supportive attitude and make contributions beyond the usual expectations of their employment.

Criteria for Employee of the Month

The following criteria will be used in selecting an Employee of the Month (EOM):

  1. The nominated employee must have worked a minimum of one (1) year and is not currently on probationary status at the time of nomination.
  2. Staff can receive the EOM recognition more than once; however, there must be a break of a minimum of two (2) years between awards.
  3. Nominees should have reliable attendance of assigned work schedule.
  4. The nominee must be approved by his/her supervisor prior to being named as the recipient of the award.
  5. Nominations not selected as the EOM can be reconsidered up to one year from the date first received.
  6. Nominated employees that were not chosen as the EOM will receive notification from the Staff Affairs as encouragement for their commitment to the college.

A Tougaloo College staff member who demonstrates the following will be eligible for the EOM award:

  1. Employee must demonstrate a willingness to take initiative beyond regular job assignments, resulting in inspiring and supporting the performance and achievement of others. (10 points)
  2. Employee must demonstrate a high quality of work and a commitment to carrying out job responsibilities, is an asset to the department, and serves as a role model for others. (10 Points)
  3. Employee must demonstrate the ability to work as a team member. Consistently dependable and punctual in reporting for duty, completes assignments on time and has a distinguished attendance record. (10 Points)


  1. Forms and criteria on the EOM program will be posted on the college website and available through the Staff Affairs Committee.
  2. Nominations are accepted at any time during the designated time/deadline set by the Executive Committee. 
  3. The Staff Affairs Executive Committee will review nominations and select a winner based upon the above criteria. 
  4.   EOM Nomination Form
  5. The Staff Affairs Committee will go through nominations and select a winner based on the above criteria. The committee will determine the EOM at its monthly meeting.


  1. The EOM program will provide awards to such staff members by accordingly with equal consideration of all eligible staff.

  • Photo of Staff Member featured on the college website during the month selected
  • Staff Employee of the Month designated parking space for the month selected
  • $50.00 check from the Staff Affairs