First Year Experience Program

The College Mission Statement

Tougaloo College is an independent, historically black, liberal arts institution, “accessible to all regardless of race, ethnic origin, religion or creed”. Through its diverse curricula and fostering scholarly inquiry, the College prepares its students to be imaginative, self-directed, lifelong learners and mindful thinkers, committed to leadership and service in a global society.

First-Year Experience Mission Statement

The First-Year Experience Program, a unique program for first-year students at Tougaloo College, offers to the DuBois Scholars, a wide range of educational experiences and opportunities designed to assist students in making an adequate transition from high school to college, in achieving academic success, and in experiencing the character and spirit of the College. Getting off to the right start in college can be critical to student success. The First-Year Experience Program, while not a degree granting program, uses modules designed to engage divisions, departments, and other sectors, with the first-year students, in the teaching and learning process. It is designed to offer first-year students, transfers and readmits, the best start possible.

Tougaloo College Faculty Associates for the first-year program serves in a three-fold capacity: as an academic advisor, mentor and instructor sharing their ideas, talents, and services beyond the classroom to ensure academic success, to promote positive critical thinking and bonding to the College.

Important Resources

Important Resources help you to transition comfortably into college life. You are now "On Your Own" for many things, but you are never alone at Tougaloo College.

  • First, you have your Mission: Involvement Professor. Your Mission: Involvement Professor is an invaluable resource, advisor and instructor. For many of your day-to-day academic problems and not-so-academic problems, your Mission: Involvement Professor can steer you in the right direction. Get to know that person and allow that person to know you. Your success in a rigorous environment depends on it.
  • Second, you have your Reading/Study Skills Professor. Your R/SS professor will work with you diligently, as you acquire the skills needed for rigorous academic work. Not only do you receive classroom work, but you participate in a one-hour lab reinforcement session.
  • Third, you have your professor for the other courses you will be taking. Your first responsibility is to make certain that professor knows your name. Your second responsibility is to make certain you ask questions, if you do not completely understand. Your third responsibility is to ask for a tutor or form a study group, before you get behind in the course. Your fourth responsibility is to use all available resources, manage your time, put your courses first and get your money's worth by being persistent about your learning.
  • Fourth, you have Academic Affairs, Student Affairs and Center for Student Advising and Retention/One Stop Services. Get to know all of the valuable services they provide to help you toward your successful matriculation here at Tougaloo College.

  FYE Program Brochure

  FOCUS-2: Online Self-Assessment and Career Exploration Tool

Contact Information

We are here to help you. Feel free to call, email, visit, or write the Comprehensive Academic Resources Program (CARP).


Alfredlene Armstrong
Director for First Year Experience Program

Linda Anderson, Ed.D.
Faculty Associate/First Year Experience Program

Amy Gibson
Faculty Associate/First Year Experience Program

Lavinia Hutchins
Lab Coordinator/First Year Experience Program

Ernest Jackson
Faculty Associate/First Year Experience Program

Lashanda Lewis
Administrative Assistant/First Year Experience Program

Mailing Address:
Tougaloo College
First-Year Experience Program (FYEP)
500 West County Line Road
Tougaloo, MS 39174