First Year Experience Course Description

First-Year Seminar: FYS 101 Du Bois Scholars First-Year Seminar is intended to assist first-year students in negotiating and matriculating within the Tougaloo College academic and social environments to ensure a satisfying and rewarding college transition. Du Bois Scholars First Year Seminar introduces students to the department/division major of their choice to begin preparations for a career. This course concentrates on teaching students the concepts to critically think through and analytically evaluate their personal beliefs, expectations, habits and attitudes, as they make crucial decisions to successfully meet the challenges for persistence toward a four-year graduation.

Co-requisites: None   CREDIT: TWO Semester Hours

First-Year Seminar: FYS 102 Du Bois Scholars First-Year Seminar, the second part of the course, Du Bois Scholars examine the educational impact of a liberal arts education, develop a culture of excellence, connect securely to a division and a department for their career aspirations, understand financial responsibilities, and prepare for tomorrow’s service in a global world. Emphasis is placed on lifelong learning, healthy lifestyles, community service and leadership.

Co-requisites: None        CREDIT: TWO Semester Hours

Special Requirements

First-Year Seminar (FYS) is a required course for all first-year students and transfer students. Transfer students who have completed two comparable seminar courses at a prior institution or those who transfer with 30 or more accepted credit hours are exempt. Students must enroll in FYS 101 for the fall semester and FYS 102 for the spring semester.

Special Activities

A number of Friday sessions or lectures, which feature faculty, community members, and alumni, are designed to give students a sense of shared destiny and acquaint them with varied learning-teaching styles at the college level. In addition, the First-Year Experience Program annually sponsors six major programs and one mentoring program for freshpersons: First-Year Induction Ceremony, First-Year Showcase, First-Year Honors Program, First-Year Strivers Convocation, Alpha Lambda Delta National Honors Society Induction Ceremony, the Rite of Passage Ceremony and Faculty Assistant Mentors which assist first-year students in making the transition from high school academics to college academics.