Development Scholarship Student Application

All students (this includes recently graduated from high school and are classified as incoming freshmen; currently enrolled students; and/or transfer students) must adhere to the following requirements to be eligible to receive a scholarship through private donor funds administered by the Division of Institutional Advancement.
  • Completed the enrollment process.
  • Submitted all necessary documents (i.e., FAFSA) to the Financial Aid Office.
  • Created a profile with UNCF.
  • Applied for the UNCF General Scholarship (deadline March 31st)
Complete and submit the online Development Scholarships Student Application Form by Janurary 22, 2023, for the Spring 2023 Semester.
  • If you are a new student or a student who did not fill out a Development Scholarship Student Application in the Fall 2022 semester and have a financial balance, you are eligible to apply for the Spring 2023 scholarship opportunities. If you do not have a financial balance at the time of filling out this application, you are not eligible for a Development Scholarship.
  • Your written essay and responses will be reviewed. Please be intentional, direct, and thoughtful in your response to all questions, regarding you, your experiences, and the qualities you possess that make you a candidate for the scholarship(s) for which you are applying.
  • In addition to your academic information, you may be asked to provide written responses related to any intended career path, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, community service, and leadership experience.
  • Students classified as graduating Seniors are still eligible to apply.
Read and follow the instructions carefully before submitting your application. You must submit your materials through the Development online application system. All recipients will be notified by the Scholarship Coordination, Donor Funds.
By checking this box, I have read and understand the instructions and the conditions of the privately funded scholarships offered by the Division of Institutional Advancement as explained in the Development Scholarships Student Application Instructions.


I give permission to officials of my institution to release transcripts of academic records and other information requested for consideration in the Development Scholarships program. I understand that this application will be available only to qualified people who need to see it in the course of their duties.

If selected, I will be asked for documentation to support the data I have provided. Likewise, all correspondences will be generated from the personal information submitted.
Development Scholarships
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I am interested in being considered for the following Development Scholarships:

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Have you submitted and completed an application for admission?
Have you submitted and completed the financial aid process including completing the UNCF profile and the UNCF General Scholarship Application?
Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities
List college activities (student government, sports, publications, school-sponsoredcommunity service programs, student-faculty committees, arts, music, etc.). List indescending order of significance.
List public service and community activities (homeless services, environmental protection/conservation, advocacy or social justice activities, work with religious organizations, etc.) Do not repeat items listed previously.
List government activities (internships with government agencies, partisan political activities, ROTC/military, etc.)
List part-time and full-time jobs and internships since high school graduation.
List awards, scholarships, publications, or special recognitions you have received. List in descending order of significance.
Describe one specific example of your leadership.
What is your career objective?
If you attend to pursue graduate education, what program do you intend to major in?
What additional personal information do you wish to share?
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Allowed types: gif, jpg, jpeg, png.
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Please upload your thank-you letter in either word or text document.
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Please add your headshot, thank you letter and essay here.  These files are required.
Scholarship Acceptance Agreement

If you are awarded any of the Development Scholarships’ funds for the current academic year:

  • You must be enrolled full-time (minimum of 12 credits) at Tougaloo College during the semester you receive your scholarship. All scholarships are disbursed during the fall and spring semesters. Based on this example: If you receive a $1,000 scholarship, you will receive $500 during the fall semester and $500 during the spring semester.
  • You are consenting to disclose information on your scholarship application to the Donor(s) of the scholarship you are awarded.
  • You are expected to provide a professional headshot (photograph) and write a thank-you letter to the Donor(s) of your scholarship.
  • You are expected to participate in recognition and appreciation events and activities.
  • You are consenting to include your name/and or photo in publicity, advertising, marketing,and/or philanthropic efforts and initiatives.
  • You understand that you will not receive any refunds from scholarships awarded through the Development Scholarship’s Donor funds.
Applicant Signature
I affirm the information contained herein is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief.