Master of Arts in Child Development FAQs

Application Process

How do I apply to the Division of Education Graduate programs?

Apply online at /, or you may download a paper application form at You may also telephone, write or visit the Division of Education Graduate Studies Office (601-977-7745, Holmes Hall Rm 1) or Admissions and Student Recruitment (601-977-7768, Blackmon Bldg., 1st Floor) for Graduate Admissions information.

What is the application fee and must I pay it?

Yes, all applicants must submit a nonrefundable fee of $50.00 (international students $65.00) with their application. The application fee is valid for one (1) year from the term of the initial application. If an applicant waits longer than one (1) year, it will be necessary to reapply and pay the application again. However, the application fee is waived for any student who has previously been admitted to Tougaloo College Graduate Programs.

Do I have to pay the application fee each time I apply?

No, once you have paid your application fee and admitted to a graduate program, there is no additional fee when reapplying to the same program within the one (1) year period. If you apply to a different program, you will be required to pay the application fee.

What documents do I need to turn in with my completed application?

  1. Two official transcripts of all college-level work (one official and one unofficial)
  2. Written personal statement 1200- 1500 words, detailing relevant experience that has prepared the applicant for work in early childhood, elementary or secondary schools
  3. Three personal reference forms from persons qualified to appraise scholastic aptitude and personal and professional potential.
  4. Program entry questionnaire
  5. Professional resume or curriculum vitae.
  6. If applying to the M.A.T program, official score reports of entrance exams (PRAXIS I and II).

How will my application be reviewed, and what is the criterion for evaluating application?

Once the Division of Education receives your application, the applicant will receive an email confirming receipt. The Division of Education Graduate Program admissions team will not begin review of your application until you submit the required application fee, graduate admissions application, and all required documentation.

Admission to a graduate program is based on the applicant’s GPA, undergraduate courses, personal references,, written personal statements, and if applicable scores on standardized tests. The Graduate Admissions Committee will recommend whether to admit an applicant using the Division of Education’s Admissions Rubric.

Fifth year program applicants can be recommended for admission to a graduate program before completing his or her undergraduate degree. (Evidence of student’s degree completion must be presented before a student can register for graduate-level courses). Tougaloo seniors within six (6) hours of completing their undergraduate degree may be recommended and enroll in a graduate program.

How will I be contacted about a decision?

The Office of Enrollment Services will notify all applicants with an official Letter of Acceptance to the applicant.

Where can I take the Praxis exams?

Computerized and paper Praxis I (Core Academic Skills for Educators) test and the PRAXIS II Specialty Area test for certification in Mississippi are available on the Tougaloo College campus. For more information on testing, contact the Division of Education at 661-977-7744.

How do I have Praxis exam scores forwarded to Tougaloo College?

The institutional code for Tougaloo College is R1807.

What if I have submitted everything by the qualifying scores on the Praxis CORE I and the Praxis II specialty area exam?

Tougaloo College will not admit you until the qualifying scores are in your application package.

Note: Scoring of Praxis CORE test takes approximately 20 business days. If you are relying on a qualifying score on this test in order to gain admission, you should take the Praxis examinations at least three weeks prior to the application deadline.

What are the deadlines for an application to a specific graduate program? What if I miss a deadline?

The following deadlines are the same for all graduate programs:

Fall Deadline                              June 1

Spring Deadline                         October 1

Summer Deadline                      April 1*

*The priority deadline for applications to the Division of Education’s M.A.T. degree programs is April 1. Review begins in April, and applications are considered until the cohort group is full for admission to Tougaloo’s M.A.T.pre-Teaching Summer program.

How do I contact someone in a specific graduate program?

Contact information is given on the Division of Education, Supervision and Instruction Graduate Program web page under the link Division of Education.

Registration and Academic Concerns

How long is the term at Tougaloo?

Tougaloo College is on the semester system. A semester is 15 weeks long. Fall semester starts at the end of August; spring at the beginning of January and summer in June.

What is considered a full-time load for graduate students?

Graduate students are considered full-time if they complete a minimum of nine (9)credit hours during the fall and spring semesters and at least 6 (six) credit hours during the summer.

What is the maximum number of hours per semester?

Maximum enrollment for fall and spring semester is 12 hours each, and in the summer semester, a graduate student may enroll for not more than 6 hours each summer term.

Are time limit requirements for graduate students?

Graduate students from time of enrollment have a six-year time limit for completing their degree.

Are there continuous enrollment requirements for graduate students?

Graduates students who are required to complete a master’s thesis or project, must maintain continuous enrollment until the graduate student successfully completes his/her thesis or project. Master’s thesis/project students must register for at least 3 hours for two of the three semesters each academic year (i.e., fall, spring and summer). Graduate students who fail to meet this requirement will have to pay a penalty fee.

Is there a penalty for breaking the continuous enrollment policy for graduate students completing a master’s thesis/project?

A financial penalty maybe be applied, depending on the circumstances that lead to the breaking of continuous enrollment. Contact the Division of Education Graduate Program for more information.

How do I obtain information about the format for a master’s thesis or project?

The Master of Arts Child Development Program Handbook is available for download on the Division of Education’s web page. Along with this manual, a student may also download the thesis/project timeline and forms. If a student has any questions not covered in the Handbook for Child Development Master’s Program, he or she may contact the Division of Education Graduate Program for more information.

What faculty are eligible to serve on my Thesis/Project Committee?

Any graduate faculty member may serve on a thesis/project committee. Therefore, acting, adjunct, visiting and emeriti professors with appropriate terminal degrees and in an academic department having a graduate programmay serve on the thesis/project committee.

When should I apply for graduation and receive a degree?

You must request a graduation check at the Record’s Office at least one semester before the term in which you plan to graduate this check will tell you what requirements remain for graduation. You must have approval and valid program plan of study in effect in order to file a grad check

What kind of academic things can I appeal?

Students in the Division of Education, Supervision and Instruction may appeal decisions or actions pertaining to admissions, programs, course grades, graduate assistantship appointment, degree requirements, but may not appeal an admission decision. Students who decide to file an appeal should follow the student appeal process outlined in the Student Handbook ( or enter search: student appeal

When an appeal is unclear, a student can appeal to the graduate program Dean, who may submit the appeal the Graduate Program Committee.

Financial Aid Process

What is the deadline for applying for financial aid?

Graduate students should submit their FAFSA by the priority deadline, January 15 (spring semester) or July 15 (fall semester) to ensure timely processing and the best financial aid package. If you miss the priority deadline, submit your FAFSA as soon as possible.

Who is eligible to apply for financial aid?

Only U.S. citizens and Permanent Residents may apply for federal funds administered by the Financial Aid Office.

What should I do if expected financial aid is not posted?

If a student expect financial aid that has been awarded, the student should contact the Financial Aid Office (1-888-42-GALOO).

Does the Graduate Program provide assistance for travel?

Yes, the graduate School may have some funds to support graduate student travel to professional conferences and meetings.

What are the refund policies regarding tuition?

These are complicated, you should refer to Graduate Catalog and contact the Financial Aid Office for explanations. A key rule is that if you enrolled full-time, then drop below full-time will trigger a payback of a tuition grant or scholarship.

What is the mailing address for the Graduate Program?

Graduate Program
Division of education, Supervision and Instruction
Tougaloo College
500 West County Line Road
Tougaloo, MS 39174-9799

If  you have any questions, you may email us at