Tougaloo’s legacy shines bright in the new MS Civil Rights Museum

“The opening of the Two Museums in Mississippi was a historic moment for our state as we paused to celebrate 200 years of Mississippi history.  As I walked through the museums, I was mindful of the parallels of history between our college and state.  Tougaloo College’s history is Mississippi’s history and Mississippi’s history is Tougaloo College’s history. The state and the college have evolved through changing times.  Tougaloo College has been on the forefront of progressive social change throughout its storied history, and will celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2019.

We were pleased to be among the participants in the opening ceremony.  The college has a significant civil rights collection which has been generously shared with the Department of Archives and History.  Important parts of the collection are included in the Civil Rights Museum to add to the expanse and authenticity of the Museum’s exhibitions.”

-President  Beverly Wade Hogan