Tougaloo, MS - Tougaloo College has been selected as one of 80 national institutions with art collections to participate in the Collections Assessment for Preservation (CAP) Program.  
"Tougaloo College has a strong tradition of collecting visual art. The founders of the art collection were interested in providing access to important works for students and the broader community,” said Art Collections Manager, Turry M. Flucker.

“Receiving the Conservation Assessment Preservation (CAP) grant will allow us to think strategically about ways to preserve our collection by addressing collections conservation. We are proud of the partnership with the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS)  and the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC) and are looking forward to establishing a stronger partnership with both agencies in the future," said Flucker.
The CAP grant helps museums improve the care of their collections by providing the funding support for a conservation assessment of the museum’s collections and buildings. The museum works with a team of preservation professionals to identify preventive conservation priorities.

Tougaloo College will welcome two assessors to campus in October, thanks to the $7,000 from the CAP grant. Following the assessors’ visit,  the final assessment report will help the museum prioritize its collections care efforts in the coming years.  

“It’s something we can be proud of,” said Flucker, who says Tougaloo is moving forward via best practices. Properly preserving the Tougaloo collection is a step in the right direction for Flucker, whose goal is to ensure the collection is in good condition so the gallery may constantly remain visible for students and the community.

“Simply by applying for the CAP program, Tougaloo College has shown a commitment to preserving cultural heritage,” said Programs Director for the Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works (FAIC), Tiffani Emig.

The CAP program is administered by FAIC through a cooperative agreement with the Institute of Museum and Library Services, a federal grant making agency that supports museums and libraries.