Tougaloo College is proud to recognize its campus archivist and three students for their recent participation in Princeton University’s on-campus Archives Research and Collaborative History Program.

Archivist Tony Bounds, recent graduate Jaslyn Barrow, as well as Senior History majors Raegan Johnson and Unique Lister visited Princeton July 9-13, 2018 to take part in the program, which was intended to introduce students to the archival field, the use of primary resources, exploration of the need for diversity in archival collections, as well as to make connections between historical narratives and present day social justice issues.

The experience Tougaloo students obtained from the program resulted in further appreciation of the many historical artifacts located at Tougaloo College.

“The students had the opportunity to engage in critical and meaningful conversations with archivists and library specialists at Princeton University and students from other HBCUs,” said Dean of Social Sciences and Assistant Professor of History Dr. Daphne R. Chamberlain.

From a historical and societal standpoint, these students learned the impact and importance of archival work, as well as the archival connection to the perception of history and historical events. Students also learned proper methods on how to handle, store and catalog archival materials and the basics of digitization and preservation. An additional program highlight Dr. Chamberlain added was the opportunity for students to visit the National Museum of African-American History and Culture in Washington, D.C.

“As a program participant, I was also able to network and exchange vital information pertaining to my beloved institution with professionals in the field and other HBCU students to ensure the longevity of archives housed at Tougaloo College and on other HBCU campuses. I gained a deeper understanding of archivists’ work and developed an even deeper love for archival work,” said Johnson, who plans to apply to Princeton University for graduate school as a result of this extraordinary experience.