Contact: Kathleene Quinn
Communications Specialist/Staff Writer
Office of Communications and External Relations
Phone: (601) 977-7904
Tougaloo, MS, May 17, 2021— In the continuous effort of developing as much as providing good quality education for all, particularly in Higher Education, the American Council of Trustees and Alumni launched What Will They Learn?  The initiative aims to facilitate students and parents with some of the most significant questions about education. Over the last decade, some studies suggest the rising employer dissatisfaction with college graduates. With the pressing demands of technical skills and specialized industries, accompanied by the uproar of technological advancements and digital space—the stakes are higher than ever.
What Will They Learn? released their 2020-2021 key findings showcasing State Report Cards that include general education grades, tuition & fees, and graduation rates for all colleges and universities in each state. Tougaloo College, withstanding its position in academic excellence, has championed the core requirements of Mississippi Colleges and Universities in the following: composition, literature, mathematics, and science, which gained Grade B and closely competing with other institutions in the state. Schools are graded on an “A” through “F” scale based on whether they require all students to complete courses in seven priority subjects, identified and critically important to a 21st-century college education.
The education sector faces an amassed challenge to reinvent some of its teaching commons while a large number of the student population is seemingly diving into more spontaneous applied learning and real-life skills—pushing for an evolution in the world of learning. Students drag themselves, if not dread the reading parts of a lesson, instead they long for the actual application of things that matter most to them. With the emergence of “How To” videos and guides online, finding ways into learning something new and quick has never been easier for most of these students, and more likely the millennials.
In a 2014 White House report, millennials are the largest generation in the U.S., representing one-third of the total U.S. population. With the first cohort of millennials only in their early thirties, most members of this generation are at the beginning of their careers and so will be an important engine of the economy in the decades to come. Therefore, having well-educated and highly skilled trained students are necessary to improve and prosper the society.
“Our mission has always been to nurture our students in a manner that will fully equip them with education and learning not only in their academic fields but also in real-life circumstances. We pride ourselves as a viable liberal arts institution to train these young scholars, the new generation, who will be the future of our communities and the world.  We remain committed to developing and implementing methodologies and advanced curricula to hone even the strongest learners, remaining true to Preserving and Advancing Excellence” said Dr. Carmen J. Walters, President of Tougaloo College.