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Workshop Descriptions
Workshop Descriptions for 5th–9th grade girls. Each girl will be able to attend two science workshops. (Please rank the workshops by putting your preference number in the blank. For example: #1 is the workshop you would most like to attend. Seats in workshops are limited, but we will do our best to honor your choices.)
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Provide information for an emergency contact who is not attending the Tech Savvy event.
###-###-#### (one per line)
A. Grab your goggles: “The Color Change” – Explore hands-on chemisty activities using the power of color. *
B. Math is Fun: A Carnival of Events? – Learn how games of chance and probabilities works in various real life scenarios. *
C. What do the numbers mean? – Weigh in and check your numbers. Discover the mechanics and foods that make the numbers matter. *
D. The power of Coding – What happens when you add a space or comma to a website? Explore ways in this hands-on workshop to create and change information on a website by exploring various software tools. *
E. Candy, Clothing & Cosmetics - It's all Chemical Engineering! *
F. Bling and Biology! – Learn about Mendel’s Experiment and probability while you make your own jewelry in a hands-on learning environment. *
G. The Human Factor & Engineering – Got a great car design? Learn the role of engineers in designing and producing products we use daily. You will try your mind and hand to touch possibilites using technology. *
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