Student Information (grades 5th–9th)
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Parent or Guardian Address
Teacher Information
To be completed only if you are a teacher attending the workshop for CEUs - $35.00
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Emergency Contact Information
Provide information for an emergency contact who is not attending the Tech Savvy event.
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Workshop Descriptions
Workshop Descriptions for 5th–9th grade girls. Each girl will be able to attend two science workshops. (Please rank the workshops by putting your preference number in the blank. For example: #1 is the workshop you would most like to attend. Seats in workshops are limited, but we will do our best to honor your choices.)
A. Know your Body – Explore hands-on activities to “Healthy Living for Youth”. *
B. Math and the Facts – Fun learning math with codes, games, and building bridges with K’Nex. *
C. Music and Technology – What’s the beat? Be an engineer for a day and find out! Learn about the engineering design process of making music with technology. *
D. Stop, Look, Let’s Code! – Test your their creative stream of “what happens if I do this?” questions and ideas. *
E. Mr. Robot, “What’s the next move?” ‐ Learn how to code in an hour to make the robot perform a simple task. *
F. Art and Designs – Discover the beauty of lines, colors, space, and graphics in this hands-on workshop using art and technology. *
G. Candy, Cosmetics, Clothing: It’s All Chemical Engineering– Think cosmetics is simple? Think again? those products that color, mask, and brighten all involve chemistry. Learn what happens behind the scene. *
H. The Human Factor & Engineering – Got a great car design? Learn the role of engineers in designing and producing products we use daily. You will try your mind and hand to touch possibilities using technology. *
Photo/Video Release
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