Tougaloo College understands and fully supports students’ right to self-expression. The College also has an obligation to create a living and learning environment where all members of the community are comfortable and not offended by inappropriate dress. The dress code is designed to provide appropriate guidelines so that all students may dress in a manner that is respectful of themselves and the community. Students who fail to abide by the dress code, when advised by a College official, shall be considered in violation of the dress code and will be subject to disciplinary action.

Classroom instructors and College administrators and staff have the right to address policy violators and/or deny admission to students dressed in any of the prohibited attire. Clothing and personal appearance should be neat, becoming, and appropriate. The following is required of all students at Tougaloo College:

  • Appropriate distinction shall be made between proper attire for class, work, church, business and formal affairs, relaxation, and play. Learning to use socially acceptable manners and selecting attire appropriate to specific occasions and activities are critical factors in the total educational process.
  • Inappropriate attire will be considered: sheer or provocative garments without proper undergarments to obscure their transparency; form-fitting clothing without proper support undergarments; micro-mini dresses/skirts/shorts that do not cover enough of the thighs while standing/sitting; halter tops; midriff blouses; t-shirts bearing profane language/indecent messages, and cutout or torn jeans that reveals undergarments and/or private parts.
  • Neither males nor females shall show any visual display of underwear.
  • Neither males nor females shall wear baseball caps, stocking caps, skullcaps, sun-visors, do-rags and bandannas in public buildings except in the privacy of the student's living quarters or for religious or cultural dress.
  • Males shall not wear undershirts of any color worn outside of the private living quarters of the residence halls.
  • Appropriate attention must be given to personal cleanliness and good grooming including hair; to present a clean, neat, and orderly appearance representative of the Tougaloo College community and the College’s values and mission.
  • Dress must be in good taste and appropriate for the occasion or setting. During special occasions (convocations, career/graduate and professional school fairs, employment opportunities, coronation, banquets, etc.) business or formal wear (shirt and tie, business suit, blazer and dress skirt/slacks, or dress/tuxedo) should be worn.
  • Pajamas, hair rollers, and/or bedroom slippers shall be worn only in the residence halls and not be worn in public or in common areas of the College.

Note: Public buildings at the College include residence hall lobbies; any building used for instruction, convocation, meeting, or event; the L. Zenobia Coleman Library, Edward Blackmon Administration Building, Bennie G. Thompson Academic and Civil Rights Research Center, George A. and Ruth B. Owens Health and Human Resources Center; Warren Hall, and Woodworth Chapel.

*Updated July 2015