It is the policy of Tougaloo College to provide each student with a room key at the time of check-in to their perspective residence hall. Students are responsible for locking their rooms whenever they are not present (i.e. going to the shower, laundry, or visiting another resident). New or additional locks may not be affixed to doors and keys may not be duplicated.

Lost keys should be reported immediately to the Residential Hall Coordinator, who will then take appropriate action to have the locks changed and new keys issued at the student’s expense. The cost for key replacement is $75.00, which will replace the keys and the core of the lock. This is necessary for the protection and security of each student living in the room. Keys are expected to be returned upon checkout of the residence hall. Failure to return a key at the time of checkout will also result in the key replacement fee.

After 3 repeated lock outs staff will determine if a key replacement is warranted. The fee will be placed on the student’s account.

Seniors that fail to return their key at checkout will result in the assessment of the key replacement fee. The fee will be posted to the students’ account or can be paid to the Cashier’s Office. Failure to pay said fee can result in a hold on your account, which will affect the ability to request a transcript and complete graduation requirements. Room keys are the property of Tougaloo College and must be surrendered upon request by any authorized Student Affairs personnel.