Reaction to the retirement of the

State flag with the Confederate emblem


A historic win for the state of Mississippi!  The Mississippi state legislature recently passed a bill to remove the Confederate emblem from the state’s flag, the only remaining state flag to feature the Confederate insignia.  In the midst of protests for racial justice and calls for police reform, the vote by the Mississippi state legislature advances the state forward in addressing racial division, oppression, and violence.  The confederate emblem in the state’s flag has long been viewed by many, not just Mississippians, as a racist symbol of slavery, racial discrimination and segregation, and painful memories among Black, Indigenous and People of Color.  Today, we live in a society where it is not enough for individuals to simply articulate that racism is not tolerated—their words and actions must demonstrate anti-racism.  Tougaloo College applauds the work of the Mississippi state legislature, all Tougalooians, past and present, and others who worked tirelessly for many years to advance the removal of the insignia from the state’s flag.  This is indeed a great day for Mississippians.


Carmen J. Walters, Ph.D.

President, Tougaloo College