Personal Information:
Respond to the statements below:
1.I understand that I am expected to participate in a pre-service training session for mentors. The session will be held in August and I may attend in person or on-line. *
2. I understand that I am expected to attend the orientation session/kick-off event. Electronic introductions are acceptable, if followed by some other connection, i.e., video chat, telephone or in person. *
3. I understand that I am expected to make monthly calls, a minimum of one call per month the first 3 months of each semester. *
4. I understand that I am expected to schedule a face-to-face meeting with the mentee at least once a semester to discuss his/her progress in acclimating to the academic and collegiate environment, answer any questions and make referrals to the SASC as needed. *
5. I understand that I am expected to attempt to attend one college sponsored activity each semester. *
6. Within the past 10 years, have you been convicted of any felony or misdemeanor classified as an offense against a person or family, or an offense of public indecency or a violation involving a state/federally controlled substance? *
7. Are you under current indictment or has a district/county attorney accepted an official complaint for any of the offenses in question #6? *

I certify to the best of my ability that the information provided on this application is true and accurate. I also understand that misinformation knowingly provided here, and on subsequent mentor application forms, is grounds for dismissal.