The MyTougaloo Single Sign-On (SSO) portal is available at This portal provides the following features and services for you:

  • Single Sign-On to most applications, such as Canvas, TheLoo, Email and the Office365 collaboration suite
  • Password change
  • Self-service password recovery

Logging In

You were provided your username and password by the Admissions department when you were accepted for registration at Tougaloo. Click on MyTougaloo to go to the portal and enter the username and password you were given by Admissions. Your username is the first part of your email address before For example, if your email address is, then your username is simply mmouse. When you login for the first time, you will be required to reenter your password in order to verify it.

Setting Up Your Security Profile

On your first visit, you will be taken to the Account Recovery Settings page in order to setup your security profile. Please select four security questions and provide the answers. Your answers should be easy for you to remember, but difficult for someone else to guess. If you use questions for which others would know the answer, someone else could gain access to your account.

Recovery Email and Mobile Phone

After setting up your security questions, you should provide an external (non-Tougaloo) email address and a mobile telephone number that can receive text messages. After you provide each of these means of contact, press Verify and you will be sent an email or text message with a code that will need to be entered to verify that this is a real email address or mobile phone to which you have access. These will give you more options when you need to recover your password in the future.

Single Sign-On (SSO) Applications

Now that you have set up your security profile, you will be taken to the My Apps page, which shows you the Single Sign-On (SSO) applications you can start without having to login to those applications individually. As new SSO applications are introduced to the college, they will appear here.

Changing Your Settings

When you are logged in to the MyTougaloo portal, you can make changes to your security questions and answers by pulling down the account menu at the top right of the page and selecting My Account. The My Devices option on that menu will show you the devices you have used to login to MyTougaloo. If any of the trusted devices listed does not look familiar to you, please mark it as Untrusted and immediately change your password since someone logged into your account from that device. The Change Password option on this menu will allow you to change your password at any time.

Forgot Username or Forgot Password

If at some point you forget either your username or your password, you can now use the Forgot Username and Forgot Password links on the login page to MyTougaloo. If you press the Forgot Password link, you will be asked to type in your username. If you press the Forgot Username link, then type in one of your recovery email addresses. You will next be presented with the options that you have for resetting your password or retrieving your username. If you have provided security questions and answers, and recovery email addresses and phone numbers, you will have all three options available to you as shown in the screen shot below. If you select to use your recovery email or your recovery mobile phone, you will receive either an email or a text message in it that has a link you can click on to change your password. If you select Security Questions, you will need to answer two of your security questions correctly in order to be taken to the password reset page.


If you have any difficulty using the portal, please call the technology helpdesk at 601-977-7822 or toll-free at 1-844-292-3211. The helpdesk can reset your password while you're on the phone. Please have your student or employee ID available to allow the helpdesk to verify your identity. Please do not email the helpdesk about password issues as we cannot reset passwords through email. We must be able to verify your identity before resetting your password.