The "Dr. Lemika Christia Hays Endowed Scholarship" was established to provide scholarships to help future students of the College to realize their dreams and visions through a Tougaloo College Education.

Dr. Hays’ tireless commitment to encouraging and motivating others was evidenced through her ministry of service to all who were in need of her gift.  Her work with adolescents, adults, families, patients in drug rehabilitation programs and children with learning disabilities, rescue missions and the many spiritual lectures and prayers at churches, community events, was a testament to her commitment to her faith and service.

Dr. Hays had a vision of working with young adults to provide mental and spiritual counseling, supported with nutrition education and physical and medical education.  

Dr. Hays is a 1997 graduate of Tougaloo College where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.  She completed post graduate studies at Fisk University in 2000 (Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology) and George Washington University in 2005 (Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology) She also received the Graduate Merit Based Assistantship Award and became a highly recognized Baltimore Washington Psychoanalytic Fellow for her dedicated work.