Michelle Obama Early College High School at Tougaloo College: Taking Flight to Greater Heights!


We envision the ECHS becoming a top ranked academic program wherein our staff and students demonstrate growth and increasing proficiency while seeking opportunities to explore the world as a classroom in order to see, experience, and do what is learned while preparing students to graduate high school without the need for remediation upon entry into college, vocational schools, or career pathways.

Key Principles:

  • Academically Top Ranked Program
  • Staff and Student Growth
  • Increasing Proficiency
  • See, Experience, and Do What is Learned
  • Graduate High School
  • No Need for Remediation


We are committed to creating a top ranked academic program by facilitating authentic educational experiences (both inside and outside of the classroom) which empower students and staff to serve as agents of change while engaging in personal, professional, and social transformation via:

  • Strategic Thinking,
  • Goal Setting,
  • Continuous Learning,
  • Continuous Improvement,
  • Collaboration,
  • Innovation,
  • Service Learning/Community Service Activities,
  • Personal Reflection,
  • Personalized College and Career Preparation, and
  • Modeling a culture of high expectation