Choral Music Workshop with Stacey V. Gibbs



Tougaloo, MS – Tougaloo College hosted  A Choral Workshop with Award-Winning Composer Stacey V. Gibbs on Wednesday, January 29, 2020. Throughout the workshop, Gibbs worked with several local high school choirs, assisting them with pitch and other key musical elements. Choir directors attended a question and answer session with Gibbs, whose recognized work includes the setting of Way Over in Beulah Lan' being performed at the 57th Inaugural Service for President Barack Obama and his family.

The music composer, who currently lives in Detroit, Michigan, said music saved his life. Because of his love for music and the relatability of his story with so many young people, he enjoys interacting with the young students.

“Music, especially the spirituals, is such a deep part of our history and our heritage and I’ll do everything within my power to keep it alive and to keep it relevant. I think it is as important in days past as it is now and I hope that I can inspire these young singers to embrace it and to embrace their culture and embrace the value in it,” said Gibbs.

As a testament to his dedication to working with young musicians, Gibbs announced an album recording opportunity, which he plans to extend to the Tougaloo College Concert Choir, along with today’s workshop attendees.