Prior to pre-registration each semester the College publishes a “Schedule of Classes" for the ensuing semester. The schedule' lists the selection of courses to be offered, including details about meeting times, places, and days and credit hours. Some courses are normally offered in alternate semesters or years. Thus, all students are urged to confer with their advisors early in the sophomore year, and regularly thereafter, to plan their educational program so as to take advantage of alternating semesters and year offerings as well as class scheduling projections.

All students must pre-register in person. The periods for pre-registration are stated in the College Calendar. Students have advisors who assist them in the selection of courses. Students presently enrolled are required to file a completed registration form during the period set aside for pre-registration.


1. Check Admission (New Students), Financial Aid and Medical Records Status.

2. Report to Advisors for course selections and approval. Advisors will assist students with course selections and sign the approved Trial Schedule and Course Selection Form. Students who have not been assigned an advisor should see the Dean of the Division listed below.

    Division Division Deans Location  
    Education Dr. Pamela Russ Holmes Hall, Rm. 2  
    Humanities Dr. Andrea Montgomery Berkshire Cottage, Rm. 203  
    Natural Science Dr. Richard McGinnis Kincheloe Hall, Rm. 215  
    Social Science Dr. Michael Williams Galloway Hall, Rm. 205  

3. Undecided majors should see the Director of First Year Experience Program, Ms. Alfredlene Armstrong, in Holmes Hall, Room 19A.

4. Report to data entry personnel with the approved Trial Schedule and Course Selections Form for processing and to secure a student copy of the schedule.

5. A Registration Card will be generated from this information for payment of fees and to complete the Registration process.

6. Take I.D. pictures (new students)

Reserved Class Space

Students who have pre-registered in a course, but do not report to class by the second scheduled meeting of the class may lose their reserved place in that section of the course.