REGISTRATION NOTICE: Registration will close five (5) days before the examination date. All examinations will be given on a Thursday from 3:00pm-5:00pm.  The last day to register for an examination will be the previous Thursday, at the close of the business day. All registrations completed after the deadline will NOT be accepted or processed.

Institutional Effectiveness Exam Schedule 2018-2021

EWPE NOTICE:  It is strongly recommended that only students who have successfully passed ENG 102 or ENG 104 with a grade of “C” or above sit for the English Writing Proficiency Exam (EWPE).  You are only allowed to take the examination twice.  If you fail to successfully pass the exam after two attempts, you must enroll and successfully complete English 300 in order to meet the college’s graduation requirements. 

NELSON-DENNY NOTICE: If you fail to successfully pass the exam after two attempts, you must attend a college sanctioned Nelson-Denny Reading workshop provided by the Tutorial Center in order to register for the test again.

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Recommended for students who have successfully completed ENG 102 or ENG 104.
Open to any student who has not met the graduation requirement
Mandatory test for all cohort students who entered the college the previous Fall semester.
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