The Office of Facilities and Real Property Management is a multi-faceted sector that manages the operations, maintenance, planning, construction and development of the Colleges facilities, landscape, infrastructure, real estate assets and other physical resources. The Office of Facilities and Real Property Management is divided into two separate divisions: Facilities Management and Real Property Management.

Custodial Services

Custodial Services provides general and job specific housekeeping and custodial services for the College. These services include the cleaning of residence halls, classrooms, offices and support facilities ensuring a clean and safe environment conducive to fulfilling the vision and mission of the College. Additionally, Custodial Services supervises the pest control program and performs routine and deferred maintenance on various flooring surfaces.

Moving, Grounds and Transportation Services

This department is responsible for ensuring the proper maintenance of the College’s grounds including landscaped areas, sidewalks, roadways and parking areas. Additional responsibilities include providing moving, special event setup, transportation and courier services for the campus community. Providing maintenance for motorized equipment and the transportation fleet are also the responsibility of this department.

Technical Maintenance Services

The Technical Maintenance Department is responsible for maintaining the various building, HVAC, plumbing, electrical and utility systems and equipment for the College. Additionally, this division also manages and performs small to moderate construction and renovation projects for the College, as well as, assists with overseeing major capital improvement projects.

Facilities Rental

The Facilities Rental Department is responsible for providing coordination and management of reservations, logistics and customer service to internal and external entities interest in utilizing the Colleges facilities for special events. This division works closely with the campus community and other organizations in order to ensure an enjoyable and satisfactory experience with the College.

Facilities Planning and Construction Management

This division coordinates with the various College entities and architects, engineers, governmental agencies, funding sources, general contractors in the various planning, budgeting, design, and construction activities pertaining to all facility upgrades and capital improvement projects on the campus. The main goal of this division is to ensure that all projects are planned, developed and constructed to the optimal long-term benefit of Tougaloo College.

Real Property Management

The Division of Real Property Management is responsible for the administration of the Colleges real estate assets including master planning, management, leasing, investment, development, acquisition and disposition. The division will work in tandem with the College’s Economic Development Corporation and Physical Resources Committee to ensure that the real estate assets provide maximum long-term benefit to the College while enhancing its integrity and operational capabilities to achieve its mission and strategic goals.