Tougaloo Art Colony - 19th Year

“To bring an idea from conception to fruition is in itself a meditative exercise, one that for some could be likened to a state of prayer” -Anne O’Hara

Drawing with Anne O’Hara

“Art is a natural extension of activism; it provides insight into the turmoil of the age for posterity’s sake.” -John Barnes

Sculpture with John Barnes

“The freedom of any underrepresented people must include as paramount their own narratives” -Stacey Robinson

Comics with Stacey Robinson


“I am committed to elevating the importance of everyday people in American Society. The beauty in their resilience resonates with me” -Mario Robinson

Oil Painting with Mario Robinson

TOUGALOO COLLEGE, ART COLONY • 500 W. County Line Rd., Tougaloo, MS 39174-9998
601-977-7772 or 601-977-7743 •

JULY 18-22
Ages 6-14
Music and Visual Arts

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