Jackson Heart Study Undergraduate Training and Education Center (JHSUTEC) Scholar Application 2020

Starting January 2020



  1. Must be a freshperson
  2. Must have an overall high school GPA of 3.0 (to keep the scholarship, must maintain a GPA of 3.0 every semester at Tougaloo)
  3. Must have an ACT score of 20 or higher OR SAT score of 1040 or higher
  4. Can be any major
  5. Must have an interest in pursuing a career related to healthcare, public health, or biomedical research


  1. Must take all JHSUTEC sponsored courses:
    (NSD211) Introduction to Public Health and Epidemiology (Fall 2020), (MAT208) Biostatistics (Spring 2021), (NSD311 or SSD 311) Research Methods in Public Health and Epidemiology (Fall 2021), and (NSD211 or SSD 247) Ethics, Medicine, and Technology (offered every spring)
  2. Must work with high school students in the SLAM workshops and other JHSUTEC sponsored activities for 10 weeks during the summer following the freshman year
  3. Must be involved in a practicum for a minimum of eight weeks during the summers following the sophomore and junior years
  4. Must attend seminars and other activities designated by the JHSUTEC


  • Learn about career opportunities in public health and other health related professions.
  • MCAT and GRE Prep
  • Be mentored by professionals.
  • Earn stipends.
    • During the academic year, freshmen scholars will earn a maximum of $300 per month, the sophomores will earn $350 per month, and the juniors and seniors earn $500 per month. The amount of stipend will be determined at the beginning of each semester.
    • During the summer, the maximum stipend for rising sophomores will be $3000 and $4500 for rising juniors and rising seniors.

Monday, October 28th, 2019

How to Apply:

Application forms will be available on the Tougaloo College website by September 7, 2019

Upcoming informational sessions with JHS Staff and current JHS Scholars will be announced in September and October.  The informational sessions will be promoted on campus and social media for prospective applicants.

*Your application will be marked complete once the following documents are received 1) The online application form 2) a copy of your official high school transcript with ACT (or SAT) score and 3) two letters of recommendations; one must be from a science or math teacher 4) personal statement 5) Resume.

In your personal statement, please tell us more about yourself. Also, describe your career interests and why you want to be a JHS Scholar. Your essay should be no less than 500 words.

Please submit official transcripts, personal statement, and Resume to the JHSUTEC Office or email aemohamed@tougaloo.edu

For additional information, you may contact Mrs. Mohamed, scholar coordinator at 601.977.7781 or aemohamed@tougaloo.edu. You may also contact Ms. Harris at (601) 977-7754 or kkharris@tougaloo.edu.

For example 22/450. If your high school does not rank students enter N/A.
Overall ACT Score
ACT Section Scores
If you took the SAT instead of the ACT. Please put your overall score.
Please list the courses that you are currently enrolled in and the instructors' names.
Faculty Recommendations:
Please provide the name and email of two Tougaloo faculty members who will provide a recommendation letter for you. The instructors listed will receive an email link to fill out your recommendation form. (One of the instructors must be a science or math teacher.)
Please give the name of your academic advisor.
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