Jackson Heart Study Scholars application


Jackson Heart Study Scholars application*
*Note: This form is fillable if viewed with Acrobat Reader


Scholarships Starting January, 2016


- Students must be fresh persons
- GPA of 3.0 overall (to keep the scholarship, must maintain a GPA of 3.0 every semester)
- ACT of 20 or higher
(Please Note: Those with an ACT below 20 - require the program director's approval to apply)
- Students must be a major in the Department of Natural Science or Social Science Divisions
- Must have an interest in pursuing a career related to healthcare or biomedical research.


- Must take all JHSUTEC sponsored courses: (NSD211) Introduction to Public Health and Epidemiology (Fall 2016), (MAT208) Biostatistics (Spring 2017), (NSD311 or SSD 311) Research Methods in Public Health and Epidemiology (Fall 2017), and (NSD211 or SSD 247) Ethics Medicine and Technology (offered every spring).
- Work with high school students in the SLAM workshops and other JHSUTEC sponsored activities for 10 weeks during the first summer.
- During the summers of the post sophomore and junior years be involved in a practicum for minimum of eight to ten weeks.
- Attend seminars and other activities designated by the JHSUTEC.


- Learn about career opportunities in Public Health and other health related professions.
- Work under the mentorship of professionals.
- During the academic year the freshman will earn a maximum of $300 per month, the sophomores will earn $350 per month and the juniors and seniors $500 per month. The amount of stipend will be determined at the beginning of each semester.
- During the summer maximum stipend will be: $3000 for post freshman and $4500 for post sophomores and post juniors.


OCTOBER 27, 2015

Application forms can be obtained from the JHSUTEC office.

For additional information, call 601.977.7820 or 601.977.7816

You should submit along with your completed application the following:  (a) one page essay describing what your interests are and why you want to be a JHS Scholar and (b) a copy of your High School transcript with ACT score.  Return completed application to JHSUTEC office. 

Jackson Heart Study Scholars application*
*Note: This form is fillable if viewed with Acrobat Reader