Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Student who chooses to major in Sociology is required to take at least 33 semester hours (8 core courses & 3 elective courses) in Sociology:

Required Core Courses: (24 hrs)
SOC 111 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 112 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
SSD 215 Foundations in Statistical Thinking
SOC 221 Social Problems
SOC 341 Sociological Theory
SOC 380 Methods in Social Research
SOC 443 Senior Seminar I
SOC 444 Senior Seminar II


Required Electives: (9 hrs)
Students have the option to choose any 3 from the following:
SOC 201 The Sociology of the Family
SOC 231 Juvenile Delinquency
SOC 305 Sociology of Medicine
SOC 320 Topics in Sociology
SOC 321 Sociology of Aging
SOC 322 Social Psychology
SOC 335 Internship
SOC 411 Sociology of Racism
SOC 412 Race Ethnicity and Aging
SOC 422 Urban Sociology


Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with concentration in Social Work:

Student who chooses to major in Sociology with concentration in Social Work is required to take a minimum of 33 hours in Sociology in addition to 18 hours (6 courses) in the Social Work field.

Required Core Courses: (15 hrs)
SWK 115 Introduction to Social Work
SWK 211 Social Welfare Policy
SWK 215 Human Behavior & the Social Environment
SWK 315 Social Work Practice
SWK 333 Internship in Social Work


Required Elective: (3 hrs) Students have the option to choose 1 from the following:
SWK 220 Community Organization
SWK 325 Social Casework
SWK 326 Social Group Work


Interdisciplinary Minor: Disaster and Coastal Studies:

Disaster & Coastal Studies (DCIS) offers a multidisciplinary approach from social science perspective about the nature of natural disaster in the coastal zone, social aspects of catastrophes/disasters, and organizational issues inherent in preparedness, planning and managing all forms of disasters. The minor is designed to prepare students with skills and knowledge that are marketable in the fields of disaster and emergency planning, management, response, and recovery while simultaneously creating a basis for research studies in graduate school. Furthermore the program allows faculty and students to engage in cross-disciplinary research. Students from any major are eligible to pursue DCS minor. The minor consists of six (6) courses including forty (40) hours of practical internship experiences with local, state or federal agencies or NGO’s.

Students from any major are eligible to pursue Disaster Coastal Studies (DCS) minor. Eighteen credit hours especially designed courses (5 Core and 1 elective) are required to complete this minor.

Required Core Courses: (15 hrs)
DCS 201 Introduction to Natural and Technological Disaster in Coastal Zone
DCS 211 Public Health Issues in Disaster Management
DCS 301 Political and Legal Issues in Disaster Preparedness
DCS 320 Emergency Preparedness Responses and Planning
DCS 400 Internships


Required Electives: (3hrs)
Students have the option to choose any 1 from the following:
DCS 314 Economic Aspect and Disasters
DCS 311 Psychological Dimension of Disasters