Shaila Khan, Ph.D.
(University of Manitoba, Canada, 1997)
Chair of Psychology Department
  Curriculum Vitae


Shaila Khan, Ph.D.Dr. Khan received her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh in 1979. She has two Masters Degree. She received her Master of Science degree in Organizational Psychology from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh in 1982 and in 1991 she received Master of Arts in Social Psychology from University of Manitoba, Canada. She received her Ph.D. in Applied Social Psychology in 1997 from University of Manitoba, Canada. Her academic career spans twenty five years of university teaching in different parts of the world. Before joining Tougaloo College in 1998, Dr. Khan taught at Dhaka University, University of Manitoba (Canada), Brandon University (Canada). Dr Khan joined Tougaloo College in 1998 and has served as the Chair for the Psychology department for fourteen years. She is currently Professor of Psychology and is serving as the Chair for Psychology. Dr. Khan was the recipient of Educator of the Year, Madison County Chamber of Commerce in 2000. She also received the Tougaloo National Alumni Association (TCNAA) Teaching Award in 2006, Tougaloo Distinguished Professor Award in 2007, The Edger E. & Inez W. Smith Teaching –Research Faculty Award and Hollye R. Johnson Excellence in Advisement Award in 2010. Dr. Khan has served as editor of Journal of International Psychology and Counseling since 2009, and currently serving as an editor for a Sage publication. She is also the Treasurer/Secretary for the International Society for Interpersonal Parental Acceptance/Rejection (ISIPAR), and Chair of the Mississippi Academy of Science Conference Committee.

In the last five years, Dr. Khan has conducted cross-cultural research with Bangladeshi college students as well as with African American college students on “Parental acceptance and rejection, intimate adult relationships, corporal punishment, and psychological well-being.” Additionally, she has done NIH funded evaluative research on “Student achievement and its relationship with perceived parental and teacher acceptance/rejection in the Mississippi Delta.” She also worked with the ARCH research project on “An Evaluation of the Current Assessments of Resilience to Disasters for the Coastal Communities of Mississippi”; FIPSI research project on “Obesity Problems among school students and parents in Canton Mississippi”; and NTSCOE research project on “Engagement of minority communities in public awareness Programs (EMCAPS)”.

Dr. Khan also has an interest in acting and singing. She has performed regularly on Bangladesh Television, a National TV of Bangladesh. She regularly organizes and participates at different cultural activities held in North America to celebrate various Bangladeshi events.