Leadership Training:

  1. Leadership
  2. Outreach Program
  3. Toastmasters

Community Building:

  1. Living and Working
  2. Outreach Program
  3. Participation in HHMI/S-STEM
  4. Seminar Series
  5. Opportunities for membership in STEM clubs

Career Development:

  1. Career Counseling
  2. Membership in Professional Organizations
  3. Training in oral and poster presentation
  4. Opportunities for summer research and internships
  5. GRE Preparation
  6. Reading

Scholarship, Leadership, and Mentoring in STEM Fields
$10,000 Scholarship (Maximum $40,000 for Four years)

Overall Goal:

  • To develop a sustained Scholarship and Leadership Program for STEM

Specific Aims:

  • To increase the number of STEM majors at Tougaloo College by awarding scholarships to academically talented students exhibiting financial need
  • To develop and deliver effective curricular and professional programming that will enable Tougaloo College STEM majors to succeed in a STEM career
  • To provide opportunities to build a community of STEM majors
  • To enable Scholars to build strong leadership skills

Requirements for Application:

*Applications are on a rolling basis.

  • Freshman with High School GPA – 3.5 on 4.0 scale; Composite ACT of 20
  • Completed FASFA
  • Potential STEM major
  • Maintain 3.0 OVERALL and 3.0 STEM GPA for 4 years at Tougaloo College
  • Completed applications to –  Dr. Richard McGinnis or Dr. Bianca Garner