The Physics Department offers all major undergraduate courses in Physics that are required to fulfill a Major or Minor in Physics and to seek careers in 1) Physics, 2) Physics Education, 3) Engineering, and 4) Interdisciplinary Physics (e.g., Biophysics, Medical Physics, Nanoscience & Nanotechnology, etc). For students seeking interdisciplinary careers, the department encourages them taking Minor/Emphasis programs in one or more of the following areas: i) Math, ii) Chemistry, iii) Biology, iv) Computer science. The department offers an active undergraduate research training program and research opportunities in High Performance Computing, Computational Bioscience and Bioengineering, and Nanotechnology.



Dr. Pradip K. Biswas
Co-Chair of Physics Department
Ph.D., Jadavpur University
Research: Computational Biology, Bio-Nanoengineering
Dr. Santanu Banerjee
Co-Chair of Physics Department
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin
Research: Surface Science and Nanoscience